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                  Ring-spun Yarn
                  A:Acrylic Yarn
                  1.Acrylic Bulk yarn
                  28Nm/2  32 Nm/2  36 Nm/2  38 Nm/2  
                  40Nm/2  42 Nm/2  48 Nm/2 
                  2.Acrylic yarn
                  32 Nm/2  36 Nm/2  48 Nm/2

                  3.Acrylic yarn
                  16S  21S 32S
                  B:Cotton and Acrylic blended yarn

                  C55/A45  20S/2  30S/2
                  A55/C45  20S/2  30/2
                  3.Cotton and Acrylic Bulk yarn
                  C60/A40  16S/2  20S/2
                  C:Acrylic and polyamide blended yarn
                  Sunday Angora Yarn
                  A80/N20 36Nm/2
                  Acrylic-Polyamide-Polyester blended yarn
                  1.A20/N22/T58   33N/2
                  2.A18/N17/T65   36N/2

                  D.Anti-radiation yarn

                  Anti-radiation yarn for sweater
                  Anti-radiation yarn for knitting underolothes

                  E.Acrylic-Viscose blended yarn
                  A50/R50  21S  32S
                  Acrylic-Viscose bulk yarn
                  A50/R50  21S  32S
                  F:Acrylic-wool blended yarn
                  1.A85/W15  36N/2
                  2.A90/W10  36N/2
                  G:Acrylic-Rabbit blended yarn
                  1.H5/N15/R35/A45  48N/2
                  2.H5/N15/R35/C45  48N/2
                  3.H10/A90         36N/2

                  H:Bamboo fiber yarn
                  Acrylic and bamboo fiber blended yarn 
                  2. Viscose and bamboo fiber blended varn
                  I: Polyester and cotton blended yarn
                  C55/T45 21S 32S
                  T65/C35 21S 32S
                  J: Polyester-Viscose blended yarn
                  T65/R35 T50/R50 21S
                  K:Slubby yarn
                  Cotton Slubby yarn
                  C/A Slubby yarn
                  Acrylic Slubby yarn


                  Metal fiber blended yarn
                  S/JC/T 20%/40%/40%, S/TC 20%/80%, S/R/JC 15%/50%/35%, S/R 20%/80%, S/R/ T 20%/50%/30% and other varieties

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