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                  About Us

                  Shandong Shenghe Textile Co.,Ltd., located in the economic development zone in Mengyin county, has two branch companies in Mengyin downtown area. Occupying a total area of 228mu, our company has a total assets of RMB 108 million and 1,080 employees. Our company is the largest rotor spinning enterprise in Linyi city, producing cotton yarn, ramie/cotton yarn, washing yarn, silk blending, pure flax yarn, slubby yarn, loosely spun yarn, fibre dyed yarn, special yarn and combed yarn. We have 32 sets of Germany-imported, Czechoslovakia-imported and home-made 1603 rotor spinning machines and 50,000 spinning spindles. Yearly production capacity for open-end yarn is 15,000t and for combed yarn is 8,000t. Products have been sold to dozens of countries as well as more than ten provinces in our country. Among all these products, yarn special for jean and flax knitting yarn are best sold.
                  Our company insists on the enterprise spirit of "factualistic, innovative, high efficient, civilized". We insist on low-cost expansion and rolling development. In the recent ten-odd years, our company has received awards for the following: "Excellent taxpayer" awarded by government, "model enterprise" , "Linyi Star enterprise", "excellent nongovernmental enterprise in Shandong province", "Shandong reliable enterprise", "key enterprise in Linyi city", "enterprise exempting from the examination of Administration for Industry and Commerce", "qualified enterprise on quality", and "AA+ grade credit enterprise" awarded by Shandong Branch of Agricultural Bank of China etc.. In nowadays when market competition is increasingly drastic, Shenghe Textile would like to establish cooperative relationships with friends at home and abroad for mutual development with our first-grade technology, first-grade talents, first-grade quality, first-grade management and first-grade service.
                  Guo Shouhe, broad chairman and general manager of our company, together with all the employees, is waiting for your visit and instructions!

                  Copyright(C)2022 , Shandong Shenghe Textile Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.  Supported by  ChemNet  ChinaChemNet Toocle Copyright Notice
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